We are determined to accomplish every specific requirement of our clients.

Using the latest technology and processes our final goal is to provide a range of products and services, that ensure the execution of each project in the best possible way, giving our client the assurance that they are in the head front of innovation.

We are always trying to erase the border of impossible, pushing boundaries and developing disruptive paths to get where our clients wants and needs to be.

Virtual Reality Applications

Not only games are suitable for the use of virtual reality.

Brand activations, events, immersive experiences, streaming applications are just some examples of what we can make using VR.

If you want just to take a leap, imagine having your full website prepared to be used and experienced in virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality aims to integrate information with the environment around us. Normally displayed in a secondary screen (tv/smartphone) works as a layer on top of the real world, applying all kinds of data or "changes".

Touchless Applications

Just imagine using your natural gestures to control an application.

This kind of applications are perfect when you want to take a step forward and present a technological innovation that takes you further.

Users respond with surprise and enjoy experience a new kind of interaction that it’s not often available.

Mobile Applications

The most easiest way to have your project, game or shop in the hands of the final client are mobile applications. These have the possibility of being easily distributed in the App Store or in Play Store.

They are also very used in fairs, museums and events without being released. The users can have unique experiences when visiting these venues with the use of a simple Smartphone or Tablet.

Interactive Installations

These types of installations often uses more than one technology and increases the interaction with a more active user role.

The use of motors and sensors allow to create physical interaction that mixed with Virtual Reality, Projection and other types of media provides the user a unique experience.


Any reason it’s a good reason to play a game.

Brands usually like to used them in events, like music festivals for merchandising distribution or just to call people for their event space.

They can be done for playing in a mobile device, a website or even in a interactive kiosk.

Interactive Kiosks

Just touch it!

Interactive kiosks allow multipurpose applications, that can go from games to a simple showreel of your products.

This is one of the types of interactive applications more used by our clients, that combines dynamic contents and intuitive usability in large screens.

Core Software

Core software applications include client software, websites and web-apps.

Sometimes you just need something that improves your employees daily work, that automates processes or show your business in a professional and accurate way.

The technology used varies according to the needs of the client.

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